CipherStash Documentation

Creating a CipherStash Account

In order to access CipherStash, you must first have an account. This account grants you access both to the CipherStash Console web interface, as well as allowing you to access your workspaces. A CipherStash account is free, secure, and easy to create.

Step 1: Visit the Console

To start creating a CipherStash account, simply point your web browser at

You will be redirected to the Console login page, which looks like this:

CipherStash console login page

As you’re a new user, you should click the “Sign up” link towards the bottom. Alternately, you can use GitHub as your authentication provider by clicking the “Continue with GitHub” button and following the prompts.

Step 2: Create Your Account

In order to create your account, we need to know:

  1. Your E-mail Address; and

  2. Your preferred password.

That’s it. We don’t need to know your full name, gender preference, or shoe size, so we don’t ask for it.

Step 3: View Your Workspace

As soon as you’ve created your account, you will be redirected to the Console home screen, which looks like this.

Console Home Screen

We’ve already created a workspace for you so there’s nothing more you need to do. For now, just make a note of the ID of your workspace, we’ll use it later.

Step 4: Verify Your E-mail Address

We do want to make sure your e-mail address is correct, so we send a verification e-mail to the e-mail address you gave. Please find the verification e-mail (it sometimes ends up in “Spam” or “Promotions”, so check there too) and click the verification link. You will get this helpful, friendly message when that succeeds:

E-mail Verified screenshot

Step 5: You’re Done!

That’s all you need to do to create a CipherStash account.