CipherStash Documentation


StashRB is a Ruby client library for the CipherStash always-encrypted searchable datastore.


You can do the following things with collections:


A record is the fundamental unit of data in a CipherStash collection.


CipherStash is all about searching your encrypted data. As such, we have a rich feature set around querying records.

What queries you can perform are determined by the indexes you’ve defined on a collection. Different index types work with different data types, and provide different querying operators. Each of the available index types have their own page with examples and helpful tips and tricks.

  • Exact Indexes -- for all data types, when you need to find exactly equal values.
  • Range Query -- for inequality querying (less-than, greater-than, etc) on numeric data.
  • Match Query -- full-text search on string data in pre-defined fields.
  • Dynamic match query -- full-text search across all string data in the record.
  • Field dynamic match query -- full-text search on string data in arbitrary fields.

Unique constraints

StashRB supports the ability to specify a unique constraint on an index.