CipherStash Documentation

Configuring your application

To configure your Rails app to be used in a headless environment, set the below environment variables:

  • CS_IDP_CLIENT_SECRET: The CipherStash access key you created in the previous step.

  • CS_WORKSPACE: The id of the workspace you created the access for.

  • CS_NAMING_KEY: Set in ~/.cipherstash/<profile>/profile-config.json, keyManagement.key.namingKey.

  • CS_KMS_KEY_ARN: Set in ~/.cipherstash/<profile>/profile-config.json, keyManagement.key.arn.

ActiveStash will detect that these environment variables are set and use these credentials.

Ensure that these are the only environment variables set for CipherStash.

More info on client configuration can be found here.

Heroku deployments

To prevent any issues with gems installing when building the app in heroku, run bundle lock --add-platform x86_64-linux to ensure that your Gemfile.lock is valid for the x86_64-linux platform.