CipherStash Documentation

Getting Started with CipherStash

Taking your first steps with CipherStash are straightforward. This tutorial will run you through creating a CipherStash account, getting a development access token, through to installing the StashJS client library and writing a basic script to query a collection.

To complete this tutorial, you’ll need a Linux or macOS computer (or virtual machine) on which you can install software.

The steps you’ll go through are:

  1. Create a CipherStash account, so you can use the Console and get the details of your CipherStash workspace.

  2. Install the CipherStash CLI on your local computer, to allow you to login to your workspace and start working with CipherStash.

  3. Create your first collection, so that your records have somewhere to live.

  4. Import some “test” records into the collection.

Let’s jump straight in and Create a CipherStash account!